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1. How can I buy your products?

If you are a washroom service company or distributor, you can place an order by email or by phone. If you are an end user, contact us and we will refer you to one of our distributors.

2. What is your lead time?

We keep stock of all our washroom products (air freshener dispensers, deodoriser dispenser, refills, urinal mats and sanitary bins) which means we can ship your order within 1-2 days after this has been placed.

Vending machines are built per order, as they require to be adapted for each client’s product configuration. The washoom vending machines have a lead time of approximately two weeks.

3. Can the products be customised?

Yes, UH offers a wide range of customisable options in all our products, from FOC standard corporate logo to personalised vinyl wrap.

FOC standard options: our washroom and vending dispensers can incorporate your company logo FOC provided that no artwork is needed. Air fresheners and deodoriser dispensers have a branding area for your logo which is protected with a polycarbonate lens. The washroom vending covers can be also customised.

Premium customisable options (to consult prices):

  • Screen printing: Your logo can be screen printed on the following products: Sanair, Puresan, Microair, Puress, Purescreen, Sanibin and Maxibin.
  • Vinyl wrap: vending machines can be customised with a front or full wrap vinyl. We offer set up designs for Autovend, Trivend and Multivend, however our graphic designer can create your own vinyl with an additional cost.

4. Do you require a MOQ?

The only product which is subject to a minimum order quantity is the Maxibin and premium coloured dispensers, the rest can be ordered in different quantities. The Maxibin requires a minimum order of 250 units.

5. What are your transport costs?

Transport costs for UK:

  • Posting costs is £5.
  • Orders worth less than £100 have a transport cost of £10.
  • Orders between £100 and £500 have a transport cost of the 10% of the value of the order.
  • Orders £500 or over include transport FOC.

Transport costs in EU:

  • Orders over €3.000 are shipped FOC.
  • Orders under €3.000 will be quoted based on courier costings.

International will be quoted based on courier cost.

6. Are your machines adapted to read the new pound coin?

Multivends and Autovends purchased from January 2016 are already adapted to read the new pound coin. If the machines were purchased before 2016, they will need to be converted. To do so, read the information in this link.

7. What products can I configure the machines for?

Unicorn Hygienics has created standard configurations for each machine based on our vast experience in the industry. This takes the guesswork out of customer ordering. The product configurations have been thoughtfully set up to meet end user’s needs, depending on the target audience and the location of the washroom. 

However, other products can be configured in our machines as long as these come boxed and the dimensions are within the maximum and minimum box size requirement (see below). We highly recommend contacting our team for advice on specific configurations.


Minimum: 75mm x 45mm x 10mm

Maximum: 130mm x 75mm x 38mm


Minimum: 15mm x 45mm x 60mm

Maximum: 42mm x 90mm x 135mm

8. Can I change consumables on my own after purchasing the machine?

Yes, you can change the product configuration in your machines, however there are a few things to bear in mind:

Change products in the Multivend: we have training videos at your disposal which explain how to adjust shelves, change prices and change product cards. The adjustments can be easily done and only require the additional cost of purchasing a new product card/label.

Change product in a Autovend: please contact us and we will help you adapting the Autovend for other products and prices.

9. Warranty

Unicorn Hygienics products are guaranteed to function in accordance with their standard product technical specification for a period of 1 year for vending and 3 years for washroom products and disposal, from the date of purchase from the company.

This warranty does not cover:                                                                                                 

  • Consequential loss or damage                                                                                                                           
  • Vandalism or misuse                                                                                                                                             
  • Improper or inappropriate modification or maintenance                                                                       
  • The vending of products other than those expressly approved by Unicorn Hygienics.
  • The use of other refills in the air freshener or deodoriser dispensers not approved by Unicorn Hygienics.

A physical dispenser set-up revised from the original that does not comply with the relevant published Hygienics technical reference material. No variations of these conditions can be accepted unless previously agreed in writing.                    

This warranty does not affect your statutory rights.  In all matters of interpretation reference will be made to English law.         

In the event of a dispenser becomes faulty after expiry of the warranty period then factory replacement spare parts may be obtained from Unicorn Hygienics in accordance with the current published spare parts list.  Alternatively, the complete dispenser may be returned to Unicorn Hygienics for refurbishment to the current build standard – please contact the company for further details.                                                

10. Return Policy

Defective goods

Once the defective goods have been identified and the cause of the damage / defect has been ratified Unicorn Hygienics will contact the respective customer to decide on the most convenient and appropriate course of action. 

Other reasons:

For any products customers wish to return because they are not suitable, this will be carried out at your own expense. Unicorn must be informed within 14 days from date of Invoice. Goods will adhere to a returns and admin charge which will be deducted from the credit raised. A credit will be raised upon goods being received and checked. For goods which have company branding (i.e. screen printing or vinyl print) Unicorn reserve the right to refuse returns. 

11. Do you have recommended selling prices for the consumables?

Yes. Unicorn Hygienics has created a list of recommended selling prices for all our consumables based on our experience in the market. However, this list is only a guide based on general market trends so customers can set up their own prices regardless.

12. Can I change the selling prices in the machines?

Yes. See question number 8.

13. Are all your machines battery operated?

Yes, all our machines are self-powered and operate on long life batteries. The batteries can last from 6 months to 2 years depending on use.

14.  Can you deliver to any country in Europe/other?

Yes, we have a transport department team who exclusively arrange transport for all our clients. We have experience exporting our products worldwide. See question number 4 for transport costs.

15. Are the manuals available in different languages? 

Our manuals are currently available in Spanish and English. However, we are a multilingual team who can provide service in English, Spanish, French, German, Polish and Portuguese.

16. Can the machines be configured for any currency?

The Autovend can be adapted to accept any currency. If we haven’t configured a machine for a currency before, we will need some updated coins to be sent to our facilities in order to program the machine for that currency. 

The Multivend is currently available in Sterling, Euro, Dirhams, Aus/US Dollars, and it also can be set up to free vend or work with tokens. For any other currency please contact our team to check availability.

17. Can the currency be changed after the purchase?

Yes, however the machines might require some parts to be replaced. Please contact us for further information and technical support.

18. Is it possible for us to visit the factory?

We like encouraging our customers to come to visit us in Northern Ireland in our headquarters and industrial facilities.

19. Can we go to get training on the vending machines?

Yes. We can provide training sessions on our site. Talk to our team for more information and to check the availability.

20. Do you sell refurbished machines?

No, Unicorn Hygienics only provide new brand machines built per order.

21. Do you repair machines? What is the cost of it?

Yes, we do repair machines. If the machine is under warranty the machine will be repaired at no cost. Otherwise, we will first asses the work that needs done and send a quote. No work will be done until the quote has been approved.

20. Can the Multivend be connected in the computer and be managed with a software?

Yes, it can. Please speak to our team for more information.

22. Can I sell nappies in the machines or does it have to be a nappy vending machine?

You can only sell nappies in a Multivend as the box size is too big for the Autovend or Trivend. You can configure the Multivend (9 buttons vending machine) to sell nappies as well as other products. However, as the nappies take more space in the machine due to the box size, then the number of other products that you could configure the machines for would be reduced.

Therefore, we have our Nappyvend which looks and works the same as the Multivend but with an especial product configuration. The Nappyvend offers 3 nappy sizes and only 6 buttons instead of 9.

22. Do you supply spare parts?

Yes, we do. We can supply spare parts for all our products, including vending spare parts or installation parts to perform the installation of sanitiser systems. Please contact us to request the spare parts pricelist.

24. Do you go to the ISSA?

Yes, we have been exhibiting in the ISSA Amsterdam for years and we will continue to do so.